Nicki helped me in times of crisis on the work front, to make sound decisions based on what’s truly important to me. In our case the work started with evaluating whether to stay put with a long-time employer in a time of drastic change that did not appear promising and how to pivot and negotiate a role to compliment my core strengths and behaviors. Ultimately we took our work and applied it to evaluating new career opportunities coming in to match me in a role and organization that was simply the best cultural fit. I learned about what it really and truly means to have financial and cultural bottom lines and with that knowledge came the power of choice. With Nicki’s help, I’ve made one of the best decisions in my life and have taken on a new role, created expressly for me and am thriving 7 months in to employment at a new firm.

Senior Financial Services Marketing Exec, NYC

Nicki was the external voice I needed to help pull me out of a job slump, take control of my career and face new opportunities with confidence. She is completely invested in her clients’ success and her guidance, realism and experience is invaluable.

Senior Marketing Executive
Major Global Technology Company

Nicki was a tremendously valuable coach for me during a challenging career transition. Her knowledge and experience helped me separate the career prospects from the emotion, and gave me a clearer lens with which to evaluate the situation. Some of the principles we worked through, like how to evaluate the responsibility and authority characteristics of a task or role, are now imbedded in my conscious, and are frameworks I use all the time. Her coaching has far outlived the time we spent actively in an relationship. If you are looking for honest feedback and a set of frameworks that will help you build to the next level in your career, Nicki is a great asset.

Senior Executive
Financial Services, Boston

Nicki is an extraordinary coach who helped me understand the nature of the professional impediments I was dealing with. Nicki has a unique approach in coaching that is refreshingly honest. Her incredible coaching skills helped her to see through my foggy problems and very quickly identify the issues and the reasons behind them. Her coaching helped me understand my past, present and potential future in a way that I haven’t experienced before. She keeps it real and is always on my side. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking to grow personally and professionally.

Senior Portfolio Project Manager
Oil and Gas

Nicki’s executive coaching was timed perfectly to a point of change in my career. Her advice and critical feedback, along with the frameworks she provided, helped me analyse the options available and not only choose the opportunity that was right for me at the time, but also go into it with more clarity about the potential pitfalls, which I believe helped me sidestep several. Years later I still utilize, and quote, Nicki’s advice and frameworks on a regular basis. Fantastic executive coaching experience.

Senior Financial Services Executive

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