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Nicki GIlmour

CEO, Evolved People Coaching


Nicki is the Founder and CEO of the Evolved People Media LLC group which houses also and as well as Evolved People Coaching. She is a seasoned business professional with a track record of starting and selling publishing businesses. Nicki has a Masters in Individual and Organizational Psychology with a specialization in Change Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University in New York and is a graduate of the Columbia Coaching Certification Program.

Nicki entered the world of coaching by working as an organizational psychologist and realized that coaching was the most effective way to help people create change and advance in their careers and lives. Nicki specializes in coaching four groups of clients, the first being motivated and often formally identified high potential executives who understand “what got them here, wont get them there”. Secondly, Nicki works with senior executives in transition who are looking to truly understand their options when the stakes are high. Thirdly, as a developmental coach, Nicki works with executives who are ready to clear any mental debris or behaviors that are holding them back from their full potential executives and managers. Nicki also works with leaders developing their intercultural competence to lead diverse and often multinational powerful teams.

She is fluent in Spanish and enjoys snow sports, traveling, cooking and learning new things.



CTO, Senior Software Engineer of Apple Co.
Senior Software Development, Project Manager, Cisco Network
Team Leader, Software Design and Development, Asus
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Computer Engineering