Group and Team Coaching

We work with groups in cohorts of 6-10 people. 

We have designed the following two programs that are now enrolling for 2018 participation.

Program 1: Sustaining Peak Performance

This is a program designed for high potential executives who are on track for leadership positions in next 12-24 months (Managing Director, SVP, Executive Committee or Partner depending on the industry). 

It is the first program of its kind to address and triangulate internal stress ( measured biometrics of what is physiologically happening) with self concept (what you tell yourself cognitively and how you process that emotionally) and behaviors ( how you show up socio-emotionally in your team).  

This invaluable and cutting edge work takes place over 16-24 weeks and ties neuroscience with behavioral change. It is based on leading and latest academic theory around peak performance, emotional intelligence, wellness and behavioral change.This course has transformational results around growth and renewal for highly pressured executives who are “insecure overachievers” looking to live a long and fruitful life, professionally and personally. 

* this course is mostly run inside corporations.

Program 2: Navigating your career 

This group program is in cohort format and is for professional women looking to be promoted to Managing Director/SVP/Partner in the next 12-24 months.

This program is developed by Nicki Gilmour from six years of delivering training sessions to high potential talent inside Fortune 500 companies. There is a mix of training, psychometric data, group coaching and individual coaching sessions. It is a 6 month long program with about 3-5 hours participation per month required.  The purpose of this program is to help women understand themselves and their behaviors better in context of how the operating environment and systemic dynamics influence the former. This understanding creates great power from a career navigational perspective and plans can be made.

If you are interested as an individual to be matched with other peers at your level, please contact stating your name, title and industry plus years experience and a couple of lines about your challenges and what you want from a group coaching cohort and we will get back to you.

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