Executive Coaching

Individual clients

Individual executive coaching usually takes place over the course of 3-24 months. The selected coach works with the executive one to one in a private and confidential setting, either in-person or on the phone/skype to discuss issues identified by the client ( or by the client in conjunction with the organization). These sessions are 45-90 mins in length and occur generally once a week, once every two weeks, once a month or once a quarter depending on client needs.

Challenges can include getting on track for promotion, new managerial tasks to conquer, transitioning from one job or career to another, leading, sustainable working, goal setting and planning, goal formulation, goal attainment, behavioral change, organizational change.

Group Cohorts

The second way we work is with groups of cohorts of 6-8 people who are high potentials or new leaders that are looking to continue to develop, advance and work in a sustainable way. This work is mostly done internally within companies and includes stress monitoring, one to one coaching from data collected via psychometric tools and group sessions.

This is usually done within corporations and paid for by companies.

If you are interested as an individual to be matched with other peers at your level, please contact nicki@evolvedpeople.com stating your name, title and industry plus years experience and a couple of lines about your challenges and what you want from a group coaching cohort and we will get back to you.

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