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Evolved People Coaching as the name suggests, uses coaching as the method to help clients evolve their thinking and doing around challenges that are making them feel stuck.
We mostly work with executives who are high performing high potential track talent or executives who are leaders looking to go further or do things differently. 
The company was formed in 2017 when Nicki Gilmour decided to formalize the coaching business that had grown out of theglasshammer.comOver the past  five years people had come to Nicki for coaching around getting promoted, navigating work challenges, and deciding when and how to leave senior roles and consequently how to secure the next role in their careers. 
Nicki completed the Columbia Coaching Certification Program where she met other like-minded coaches who wanted to help executives advance and find a sustainable way to use their talents how they see fit. Evolved People Coaching was born with the confidence that all coaches were rigorously trained in the same methods and have real life experience. 
On a practical level,  we help our clients interpret their situation, explore their options, formulate their goals accurately and help ensure that execution happens by removing any competing hidden agendas together. We clear any debris. We make clients stronger and more effective.
We can coach for executive and organizational development or on a transformational level. We are interested in helping the client learn ways to gain strategic insight for their ongoing growth and renewal.. That way, our clients can solve today’s challenge as well as be equipped for tomorrow’s world.

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